Health and Safety

A health and safety conscious workplace is a critical priority for CKB Logistics, and an area of investment and focus for us over the last few years. We have developed a reputable Health Safety Environment Management System and Quality Management System to drive a larger health and safety agenda in the overall business process. We focus on rigorous standards, training, measurement and continuous improvement through several key features including:

Employment of global health and safety policies and standards. CKB Logistics conducts regular audits and inspections to comply with OHSAS 18001:2007 certification requirements.

Promote employee awareness and education of environmental hazards.

Strong incident reporting culture.

Monitoring and analyzing of global HSE conditions and systematically implementing and improvising the HSE at CKB Logistics in accordance.

Driving higher HSE results through key KPIs.

Ensuring our customer’s goods and properties are fully secured through deployment of security guards, security systems (CCTV/IDS/Access Control), equipment, policies and procedures.